The Team

Susanna L. Lamers

Susanna Lamers, M.S., is the Scientific Director of Bioinfoexperts and is located in Southern Louisiana. She has a broad background in HIV analysis including bioinformatics projects, the study of HIV-associated disease pathogenesis and immunology. She has owned her own genetic analysis consulting business since 1990 and assists in data analysis, management of multifaceted projects, grant preparation, and locating consultants for research groups. A significant portion of her scientific contributions has focused on analysis of HIV-1 evolution within human populations and within individuals during disease pathogenesis and transmission. Another aspect of her work, and in association with Natural Selection, Inc, is in the development of evolutionary computation (machine-learning) to combine genetic sequence data with features associated with HIV-1 disease trajectories to determine complex predictors of disease. For many years Susanna has worked with groups that generate and analyze massive amounts of sequence data to follow epidemics in global populations and within-patient evolution.

Rebecca Rose

Rebecca Rose, Ph.D. is located in Eastern Virginia and has an extensive background in training and developing computational methods to understand the evolutionary dynamics of pathogens. She has used these methods to demonstrate how viral diversity patterns can be used as predictors of clinical relevance and as a biological mechanism underlying disease. A major focus of her work has been in the development of integrative approaches that allow statistical testing and prediction of disease outcomes using clinical, epidemiological, host and viral genomic data. A second major focus of her research is focused on understanding intra-patient viral evolution within clinically-relevant contexts, in particular during HIV-1 infection. Rebecca is also involved understanding the movements of pathogens, such as HIV-1 and HCV, across landscapes (phylogeography). In addition to using already developed tools of molecular evolution and developing new and comprehensive frameworks in which to use them, she has worked on developing entirely novel approaches to quantify evolutionary patterns.

David J. Nolan

David J. Nolan, B.S. is the laboratory Director at Bioinfoexperts LLC and can assist in the development of molecular biology experiments appropriate to your needs. Dave possesses advanced laboratory skills and a strong background in experimental design with a focus on pathogen sequencing and quantitative PCR. He has optimized single genome amplification experiments and the amplification of HIV from low viral load samples (i.e. patients on combined antiretroviral therapy). Since 2000, Dave has worked with multiple genetics laboratories, building a large repertoire of skills related to molecular biology.

Christopher Rodriguez

Christopher is a junior-level bioengineering major at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA. Chris grew up programming and is now honing his wicked skill set to develop analytical pipelines for bioinformatics data. He is also assisting in software development and is our go-to-guy when we know an analytical process can be done much faster with some coding. Chris programs in numerous computer languages and loves a challenge.

Andrew Barbier

Andrew Barbier is a biology major at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. In just one year, Andrew has received the Taylor Opportunity Scholarship, the Louisiana State Bio-Industry College Scholarship and the Nicholls State University Legacy Scholarship. Andrew works part-time for Bioinfoexperts in the analysis and organization of biological data.