Rebecca Rose

Rebecca Rose, Ph.D. is located in Eastern Virginia and has an extensive background in training and developing computational methods to understand the evolutionary dynamics of pathogens. She has used these methods to demonstrate how viral diversity patterns can be used as predictors of clinical relevance and as a biological mechanism underlying disease. A major focus of her work has been in the development of integrative approaches that allow statistical testing and prediction of disease outcomes using clinical, epidemiological, host and viral genomic data. A second major focus of her research is focused on understanding intra-patient viral evolution within clinically-relevant contexts, in particular during HIV-1 infection. Rebecca is also involved understanding the movements of pathogens, such as HIV-1 and HCV, across landscapes (phylogeography). In addition to using already developed tools of molecular evolution and developing new and comprehensive frameworks in which to use them, she has worked on developing entirely novel approaches to quantify evolutionary patterns.