Susanna L. Lamers

Susanna Lamers, M.S., is the Scientific Director of Bioinfoexperts and is located in Southern Louisiana. She has a broad background in HIV analysis including bioinformatics projects, the study of HIV-associated disease pathogenesis and immunology. She has owned her own genetic analysis consulting business since 1990 and assists in data analysis, management of multifaceted projects, grant preparation, and locating consultants for research groups. A significant portion of her scientific contributions has focused on analysis of HIV-1 evolution within human populations and within individuals during disease pathogenesis and transmission. Another aspect of her work, and in association with Natural Selection, Inc, is in the development of evolutionary computation (machine-learning) to combine genetic sequence data with features associated with HIV-1 disease trajectories to determine complex predictors of disease. For many years Susanna has worked with groups that generate and analyze massive amounts of sequence data to follow epidemics in global populations and within-patient evolution.